Payment Source, an alternative payment provider, has teamed up with the e-commerce giant Amazon to launch Amazon Cash at Canada Post locations across Canada.

Amazon Cash is the service that enables Amazon customers to add funds to their account with cash.

Payment Source said that Amazon Cash will now be part of its Loadhub pay-in-person solution.

Payment Source CEO Trevor Cook said: “Offering Canadians a convenient way to pay for online purchases with cash or debit is a key step towards financial inclusion.

“The benefits of ecommerce should not be restricted to Canadians with access to a credit card. Amazon Cash brings that online shopping experience to everyone.”

The deal will ensure that Amazon Cash is accessible to 98% of Canada population as Loadhub’s is available at 6,000 Canada Post locations across Canada.

To use Amazon Cash, clients need to visit Amazon website or app to receive a barcode linked to their account. Then they have to bring this barcode to any Canada Post location, where the Loadhub platform enables them to add funds to their account.