Empathy, a payment solutions and business management tools provider, has launched its latest all-in-one payment tablet – EM08.

EM08 is an 8-inch enterprise grade payment system, which features integral Magnetic Stripe, IC Card and ‘Contactless’ NFC readers to support e-wallets, and front/rear-facing cameras to enable bar code and QR code reads.

Both PIN entry and signature can be executed directly on the tablet’s display.

EM08 enables merchants to offer more personalised customer engagements as part of growing efforts to revive physical store shopping.

The latest device manages all payment methods and is ‘future-proof’ with the addition of NFC technology, claims the company.

EM08 is also ideal for applications where real-time cashless payment technology cannot support.

Empathy said that EM08 is perfect for use in restaurants, bars and outdoor shops as it has been designed for use in harsh environments and is water-resistant.

EM08 is also dustproof, making its ideal to use in industrial settings such as delivery services and warehouses while its antimicrobial material construction makes it perfect for use in the F&B industry and healthcare facilities.