Bitcart, an Ireland-based discount gift card platform, is set to unveil a new wearable multi-functional offline wallet – Festy – that allows festival and bar goers to pay for food and drinks using Dash.

The new wristband Festy features a QR code and NFC technology, and allows users to pay at POS terminals where Visa contactless is accepted as well as on phones with NFC tags.

Festy is connected directly to a consumer’s Dash account, which provides safe and quicker transactions, as funds are not stored on the Festy platform and transactions are executed quickly.

Merchants can cash out their Dash for the equivalent fiat currency.

BitCart CEO Graham de Barra said that Festy’s versatility is adaptable to any environment including fields, beaches, camping sites as well as bars, restaurants and conferences.

“Festy is an affordable, scalable, and secure payment solution, particularly for millennials and Gen Z who don’t want to carry or worry about their wallet, handbag, cash or backpack at every moment during their social calendar.”

The Festy prototype will be unveiled on 14 July 2017 at the high tech Opera incubator in Cork, Ireland.