Canada-based B2 Processing Solutions has unveiled its series of B2 PINPad Drivers to enable merchants and integrators easily migrate point-of-sale (POS) applications to EMV and contactless.

The B2 PINPad Drivers, which has been designed for fully-integrated POS applications, slashes the time taken to implement support for EMV contactless transactions besides reducing the risk and uncertainty associated with migration and certification.

B2 Processing said that the POS application, along with attached PINPad, will boost the transaction flow and authorisation with the acquirer.

The B2 PINPad Driver is integrated as a component to the POS application and manages the complex PINPad interface that modernizes the integration and optimises the transaction flow.

B2 Processing Solutions CEO Bruce Murray said: “There are still many merchants in the U.S. that have not yet migrated their point-of-sale solutions to accept chip-enabled payments.

“Given the importance of the liability shift, it is our intent to help make this process as easy as possible for merchants with the use of B2’s EMV PINPad Drivers.

“By utilizing the B2 drivers, merchants can reduce their EMV integration time significantly, thus simplifying the implementation process and reducing overall risk and liability.”