CoinCorner, bitcoin and lightning services provider, has forged an alliance with Pouch, a lightning service provider in the Philippines, to facilitate instant remittance payments in the country.

As part of the partnership, CoinCorner customers in the UK and Europe will be able to use the firm’s Send Globally service to transfer money to their near and dear ones in the Philippines.

The customers can send money instantly in British pound (GBP) or Euro (EUR) through the Bitcoin Lightning Network to a local bank account or mobile money wallet.

The people in the Philippines will receive the money in Philippine peso (PHP).

CoinCorner CEO Danny Scott said: “We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Pouch and expand our Send Globally service to the Philippines.

“Every year, more than £2bn is remitted from the UK and Europe to the Philippines, so this is another great opportunity to demonstrate the power of Bitcoin, with instant and low cost transactions via the Lightning Network.”

Last week, CoinCorner announced a partnership with Bitnob to enable international payments from the UK and Europe to Africa, using the Send Globally service.

Pouch CEO Ethan Rose said: “The Lightning Network is the most efficient way to send money across borders, but until now the user experience has been too complex for the average user.

“We’re so pleased to announce the partnership between Pouch & CoinCorner, because it allows us to drastically simplify a remitter’s user experience while still taking full advantage of the utility of Lightning.”