Citi and MasterCard Worldwide will implement
the first ever consumer application in the US of MasterCard
inControl in late 2010.

The service provides cardholders with the
ability to monitor their spending by receiving real-time
information about their accounts, allows them to set spending
limits and ensures card security through alerts regarding attempted

“We believe that MasterCard incontrol will
help enhance our cardholders’ experience, through increased
transparency, greater spending confidence, and more secure and
efficient financial management,” said Ed Garofalo, Executive Vice
President of Citi cards.

Customers will be able to establish when they
receive alerts and whether they are in SMS or email format to allow
real-time alerts for improved security.

The inControl service also allows cardholders
to manage where their credit cards are used and the user can
outline what types of purchases the card can make.

The service will be available to Citi
MasterCard credit card customers from late 2010.