A credit card issued by
UK-based Co-operative Bank in connection with the
Woodland Trust has raised more than £70,000 for the charity since
its inception in 2007.

The credit card has also enabled
the conservation society to plant more than 2,500
trees in the 1,000 acres of woodland sites that in its
care – one tree for each card that is issued.

The card features a mechanism where £15 is
donated by the Co-operative when a card is issued, which pays
for a sapling to be planted in one of the Trust’s sites. A further
donation of £2.50 is then made by the bank if the card is used
within the first six months and an additional 25p donation is made
when the cardholder spends over £100.

Linking to the Woodland Trust’s campaign
challenging people to ‘pop a bluebell in your pocket this Spring’,
the credit card features the image of a sea of bluebells amidst an
ancient woodland.

The card was also highlighted as one of
the top three credit cards on ITV daytime programme This Morning in

The Woodland Trust was established in 1972.
The card is available to over-18-year-olds with a minimum income of