Lightbox consumers can now enter their card details directly into Mastercard Click to Pay, where the information is tokenised.

The latest move will make the payment process more frictionless for CardX consumers, potentially leading to higher approval rates and increased merchant sales.

Jonathan Razi, chief product officer at Stax and founder and former CEO of CardX, welcomed the partnership with Mastercard.

“We have worked with Mastercard since the early days of CardX, and our conversations together inspired many of the innovations we launched with Lightbox”, Razi said. “I can’t think of a more fitting way to progress our partnership than to integrate Mastercard Click to Pay into Lightbox, and we look forward to offering this win-win value proposition to both merchants and consumers”, he added.

Mastercard launched Click to Pay in the US in 2019 to provide a seamless and secure digital payment experience for e-commerce consumers.

Since then, the option has since become an increasingly popular payment solution. In March, Adyen embedded Mastercard Click to Pay into all its online checkout flow. Edgar Verschuur, the global head of payments at Adyen, justified the measure by stating that Adyen was looking for a way to make purchases quicker, more intuitive and less error-prone.

Click to Pay makes it easier for consumers to introduce their card details when completing a payment checkout. The solution uses intelligent recognition, allowing consumers to quickly access their cards and associated information without having to remember or enter their passwords.