Italian company Card Tech has signed a technical cooperation agreement to integrate Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints) biometric sensors in its new dual interface payment card.

The collaboration covers Fingerprints’ T-Shape module sensor, which is said to consume ‘ultra-low’ power and optimised for integration into smartcards.

This new biometric card will support both contact and contactless transactions at any EMV terminal.

It is expected to be available for pilot testing in the second half of this year, with plans for mass production during the first half of next year.

Card Tech CEO Fabrizio Borracci said: “The modular electronic layer we developed, integrating Fingerprints’ T-Shape module and a universal Secure Element, makes our Smart Card architecture capable of matching the biometric data of the user internally, not leveraging external fingerprint readers or central databases.

“The price positioning of the solution has been one of the key areas of focus and we did everything possible to make it extremely competitive.”

The new product is said to target all smart card manufacturers globally, including those lacking capability for in-house operating systems modification.

Fingerprints senior vice-president of business line smartcards Thomas Rex said: “We are glad to be cooperating with Card Tech to advance the market for dual-interface biometric smartcards.

“As we have pointed out several times, collaboration is key in the smartcard and payments ecosystem.”