Capital One, a US-based bank holding company, has introduced a new feature to use virtual card numbers online to enhance security of online transactions.

The firm’s virtual assistant Eno will generate the one-time numbers that can be used during online shopping, eliminating the need for providing actual credit card number.

In addition, the virtual assistant will also provide new three-digit security code and expiration date.

The new Virtual Numbers from Eno tool is set to create unique numbers for each e-commerce merchant associated with Capital One credit card account.

These virtual numbers will be stored on an online dashboard and come with an option for locking or cancellation anytime. As the numbers are integrated with Capital One account, they will be automatically mapped to the new card in case of replacement.

While the new service is currently available on a desktop through Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers, Capital One plans to extend it to other browsers as well as to its mobile application.