Canada-based mobile payment provider Payfirma
has updated its
mobile payment
app with a faster and easier credit card
acceptance feature for iPhones and iPads.

The initial app was first launched in August

Payfrima said the app allows business to
access real-time transaction reporting with daily, weekly and
month-to date sales, enabling merchants to manage their business
more effectively.

Each transaction is tagged with the location
of the sale, so merchants and their customers can see their
transactions on a map, right on their mobile device. This gives
small businesses a new set of business intelligence to improve
their sales and also increase security, the company said.

Payfirma hopes to tap into an international
market by updating its app to support multiple languages, with
French being the first.

If the operating language is set to French on
an iPhone or iPad, Payfirma’s app will be automatically rendered in
French, tapping into the French Canadian market.

Payfirma has said it has begun research and
development for the next version which will support NFC standards
and the EMV payments standard.