Buckaroo has entered into a new partnership to enable web merchants to offer Payconiq at its check-out.

An omnichannel payment method, Payconiq allows payment through the smartphone, which will be directly debited from the user’s bank account.

Launched in 2015 by ING, the Payconiq payment system can be used to pay at shops, restaurants, web stores as well as to the friends.

Multiple Belgian and Dutch banks have also decided to use the service.

Payconiq CEO Guido Vermeent said: “Before long, all consumers will be able to use Payconiq, regardless of the bank at which they have an account.

“We will really have achieved our objective once we have become the largest provider for paying online.”

The solution is compatible with every android and iOS smartphones as well as it can be used by all companies, large or small, as a payment method.

Buckaroo CTO Jelle Hoes said: “When we saw the technology behind Payconiq, we at Buckaroo were convinced immediately.

“Payconiq is focused on the future: it has not been built on the basis of current payment methods but on a direct connection with the banks.

“A nice example of a solution that is compliant with PSD2 requirements.”

Payconiq has planned a national launch later this year in the Netherlands. Following the launch, clients of all associated banks in the country can utilise this payment system.