Banking technologies company BS/2 has installed the first batch of five Diebold Nixdorf ATMs for contactless cards on behalf of BlueOrange Bank in Riga, Latvia.

The new terminals feature contactless card readers and the wireless near field communication (NFC) technology.

They allow easy and secure cash withdrawals or deposits for contactless Visa and Mastercard cardholders who have accounts in BlueOrange Bank. Customers will also be able to check details on previous ten transactions and card balance.

According to BS/2, the ATMs will also help in avoiding fraud as the transactions are protected by EMV standards and the integrated chip generates a one-time key during each usage.

BlueOrange Bank head of e-commerce office, Egita Ermane said: “In addition, our new partner acted as an operative, reliable consultant, able to take into account individual wishes.

“Therefore, the new BlueOrange ATMs have become not just a successful choice of our bank, but also the most advanced technological solution in the country.

“This allowed us to become one of the first banks in the Baltic countries to establish their own contactless ATMs with full functionality.”