BrilliantTS, a manufacturer of smart hardware and software solutions, has created a multi-payment card using CSR plc’s CSR1013 technology.

The technology at 0.35mm is the thinnest Bluetooth Smart System on a Chip (SoC) in a 2.4mm x 2.6mm wafer level chip scale package.

BrilliantTS leveraged the ultra-thin form factor and low power consumption of the new solution to develop the new card which features the same size as a standard EMV card, making it compatible with current POS as well as ATM systems.

The new smart card has been designed to facilitate simple and secure credit and debit card payments by connecting to a smartphone using Bluetooth.

Moreover, it can register over 30 cards, aiming to lower the amount of cards in a wallet. This includes credit and debit, supporting public transport travel, magnetic and near field communications (NFC), one time password (OTP) along with various applications, such as security door keys.

BrilliantTS CEO Jaehun Bae said: "Customers often need to carry multiple cards around with them, which adds an element of frustration when shopping. We wanted to make this all-in-one card thinner and improve the overall consumer experience.

"To make this possible we needed to develop a card which was the same size as a standard EMV card and did not need to be constantly charged. CSR1013 helped us to achieve this with the built-in security that Bluetooth Smart provides."