BPC Banking Technologies, a Dutch e-payments
provider, is to implement a new card management system for
Russia-based First United Bank (Pervobank).

BPC will upgrade the bank’s system in the
Samara region with its SmartIssuer solution, part of its Smart
Vista suite.

SmartIssuer will be implemented into
Pervobank’s core banking system and the bank’s existing outsourced
processing centre.

The e-payments provider said that its solution
was flexible enough for the bank to create new products, such as
debit and credit cards.

Pervobank has 40 branches, 60 ATMs and 22 cash
dispensing offices in 17 Russian cities in the Samara region,
making it a top three lender in that area.

Throughout Russia, Pervobank ranks in the top
100 lenders. A figure for its total market share in assets was
unavailable as the country spans 18 time zones and has several
banking groups, but is dominated by Sberbank, which has a
27.2% market share.

In contrast, the second largest lender,
VTB, has a 12.5% market share and the sixth biggest (Alfa) has
a 2.7% market share.