Digital payments provider BPC has expanded its presence into the Americas to cater to the payments and processing needs of traditional financial institutions, payments processors, and fintech firms.

The company will launch a suite of SaaS cloud services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) from Ashburn, Virginia, to serve customers across North America and Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The rollout comes amid the evolving demand amongst the market players for full-fledged outsourced services for card and payment activities.

BPC’s SmartVista solution caters to the needs of businesses involved in processing electronic payments based on both plastic cards as well as virtual personal payment tools.

This technology, from its US base, will perform a number of functions for its regional clients, according to the firm.

The functions include card processing services, acquiring services, e-Commerce and payment gateway, fraud Management, switching and front-end services and API gateway support.

BPC chief strategy officer Jane Loginova said: “We are extremely excited to be expanding into the American continent. BPC benefits from a unique position to enable payments in context.”

BPC senior vice-president Americas Santiago Egas added: “We have been present serving over 20 financial institutions in 14 countries across the American continent and the Caribbean. The time is right to expand this region and we have so much to offer to the financial services community.”

Present in the global payment space since 1996, BPV serves banks, neobanks, rural banks, and transport operators working to offer better service and drive financial inclusion with the use of technology.

The company has been focusing on local banking and payment context and behaviour to help financial institutions grow a loyal customer base.

Last year, BPC expanded its Visa’s Fintech Fast Track programme membership to the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.