Blackhawk Network, a financial technology company, has renewed its long-term contract with American retailer Kroger to provide gift card services at both physical and digital channels.

According to National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual consumer holiday spending survey, majority of Americans’ wish list includes gift card as the most preferred gift this holiday season also, as is the case over the past eleven years.

NRF has found that 61% of the people surveyed will ask for gift cards this holiday, which ranks higher than any other gift option.

Blackhawk CEO and president Talbott Roche said: “We are excited to build on our long-standing relationship with Kroger and work together to expand gift card products and solutions through both physical and digital channels.

“Kroger is an exceptional retailer who has embraced gift card best practices, new products and digital innovation.”

Kroger Personal Finance CEO Gary Millerchip said: “We’re always looking for ways to bring our customers added convenience and value, and gift cards deliver the best of both, especially during the holidays.

“As a long-term partner, Blackhawk provides us the breadth and depth of gift card content, technology and solutions to meet the needs of our customers today and in the future.”