BitScan Pty Ltd has introduced a new iOS app and website for both merchants and consumers to get exposure to the growing bitcoin ecosphere.

The new customisable BitScan widget includes categorised and mapped directory of bitcoin businesses.

The widget allows anyone to host the directory, which contains 5500 businesses, covering more than 120 countries across the globe.

Anyone can buy and sell their products through BitScan’s classifieds marketplace for free. BitBuzz, the company’s in-house e-zine, fully rewards contributors by leveraging bitcoin’s micro-payment friendly architecture.

The company also plans to launch the directory in various formats, including Android and Chrome.

BitScan CEO Rob Wilson told Finextra that while bitcoin’s utility as a store of value is clearly recognised, its adoption as a medium of trade is immature and for the wider public it remains something of an enigma.

"People don’t know how to get it, how to store it or where they can spend it. At the same time bitcoin merchants are finding it hard to get found or connect with their customers. BitScan aims to pull this all together. We hope and believe the applications we are building will help accelerate bitcoin across the chasm to mainstream acceptance," he concluded.