Spanish banking group BBVA has introduced facial recognition payment system at its headquarters in Madrid as a part of its strategy to encourage digital payments.

Developed by a joint venture of BBVA and Das-Nano called Veridas, the new system requires the customers to peek into camera booth adjacent to the cash registers at the bank’s restaurant.

The system can identify the customers and then generates the bill automatically for every purchase.

All the customers must have to register themselves on the system before they can avail the service.

Additionally, the bank has also launched a Selfie & Go app through which the employees can place their snacks and drinks order. The system will charge automatically when the respective employee will procure the food from the bank’s cafes.

This digitalisation is expected to facilitate ordering process by eliminating the need to place cards and provide cash for every transaction. Further, it will reduce queues and enable the retailer to cater to more customers and increase sales.

The launch of these two services is expected to support BBVA’s plan to deploy swift and digital payment system to transform transaction procedures.