Barclaycard has said that its merchant partners in the UK will now accept Discover, Diners Club International and affiliate network cards.

The card will facilitate both in-store as well as online payments at Barclaycard merchants.

Through the partnership, Barclaycard merchants can process payments from the customers of over 10 network alliance partners of Discover Global Network.

It will also offer the merchants access to 55 countries where Diners Club cards are issued.

Discover senior vice president of global acceptance Amy Parsons said: “The UK continues to be a top destination for our cardholders who travel from around the world.

“Partnering with Barclaycard will provide merchant acceptance at the places where they are most likely to shop and create a more positive experience.”

Currently, Discover cards are accepted by more than 110,000 Barclaycard merchants in the UK.

Plans are on to add support at thousands of more merchants during this year.

Barclaycard CEO of payment acceptance Rob Cameron said: “For the first time, Discover Global Network’s extensive cardholder base will be able to purchase from our UK merchants whether they’re in-store visiting the UK or shopping online from abroad.

“It also benefits our business customers as they can serve a wider audience, which ultimately could boost sales.”

In a recent move, Barclaycard’s virtual cards service Precisionpay integrated with the B2B Wallet payment solution of travel technology firm Amadeus.