Interbank network BANRED in Ecuador has opted for the ACI UP Retail Payments solution to drive digital payments for the country’s banks and merchants.

The latest move builds on the two companies’ existing partnership.

ACI vice president for Latin America Marco Bravo calls BANRED a “key driver of innovation in the country”.

“We provide the secure foundation the company needs to evolve its solutions for its clients. ACI’s UP Retail Payments allows the company to balance the migration to digital systems all while maintaining security and trust,” Bravo noted.

UP Retail Payments combines the features of existing systems with next-generation technologies.

It supports open API strategies using the Universal Payments Framework’s API Manager capabilities.

BANRED expects the solution to support its addition of new services including real-time interbank funds transfers.

BANRED CEO Pablo Narvaez said: “We’ve worked with ACI for many years, and the company plays a strategic role in our business by enabling us to offer new and emerging payments solutions and services with seamless and secure continuity.

“With ACI, we’re able to respond to changing customer demands with efficiency.”

Last week, EVRY also tapped ACI’s UP Retail Payments solution in order to improve its card as well as mobile payments functions.