Omani lender BankDhofar has deployed a new double security system to facilitate activation of cards for customers travelling abroad.

The move makes BankDhofar the first lender in the country to launch this type of additional security measure.

Customers travelling abroad would now have to activate their debit cards through either contacting the call centre, mobile banking or internet banking.

Moreover, the bank has also deployed security and fraud monitoring systems designed to help identify and prevent fraud in real-time.

BankDhofar head of card centre Ali Taqi said: "To add more security, our debit cards have been blocked for use abroad. The aim is to prevent fraud attempts for travelling customers and it comes in line with our efforts to add multiple layers of security measures. Additionally, all BankDhofar branches across the Sultanate are issuing new EMV chip-based cards.

"The new cards allow customers to do banking transactions smoothly and with extra security measures to minimise card fraud risk or scams while using ATM, CDM and POS machines. The new technology features payment instruments with embedded microprocessor chips that store and protect cardholder data."