The Bank of Moscow has revamped its mobile payments application B?mobile, to include additional 200 new suppliers offering services across Russia, and increased limits for transactions and improved usability.

The updated version of B?mobile is supported by MasterCard SecureCode and verified by Visa.

In addition to making a transfer from one card to another, paying bills for housing and communal services, and replenishing the mobile phone account, BMmobile users can now transfer money to their electronic purse, buy goods, and pay for internet, satellite TV and telephone communication.

The application can also be used to pay for children’s school meals.

Bank of Moscow vice president Maksim Patrin said while working on the new version of BMobile payment service, they were first of all guided by the evaluation and comments of their customers.

"We added the most demanded services and increased limits for transactions," Patrin added.

"Our further plans are aimed at the tuning of the service up to the most recent market trends and at the implementation of a mobile bank for the clients of the Bank of Moscow."