Banco do Brasil Americas have teamed up with i2c to roll out the Banco do Brasil Americas Multi-Currency prepaid MasterCard (BBA Prepaid Card).

Supporting both EMV chip and magstripe technology, the general purpose reloadable prepaid card has been designed to fulfill the financial needs of international travelers.

It also eliminates the need for consumers to carry cash or additional payment cards when traveling to abroad.

BBA Prepaid Card features a multi-currency purse enabled by the i2c processing platform that offers additional convenience to international travelers.

The multi-currency purse enables cardholders to transfer funds into other currencies and store them in purses, or sub-accounts, directly linked to the card.

Leveraging multi-currency purses, consumers can lock-in favorable exchange rates to avoid the hassles and risks associated with carrying and exchanging paper currency.

The BBA Prepaid Card currently supports US Dollars, Brazilian Reais, Canadian Dollars, Euros, British Pounds Sterling and Australian Dollars.

Banco do Brasil Americas president and CEO Cassio Segura said, "We strive to create financial products and services that are convenient, cost-effective and safe for consumers."

"By working with capable partners like i2c, we were able to integrate a number of useful features into the prepaid card so that it delivers these benefits."

The bank said that users can load funds to the BBA Prepaid Card through online account transfer, and cash can be accessed surcharge-free by using the card at Banco do Brasil Americas-branded ATMs.