Banca Intesa has introduced Wave2Pay, a HCE technology based contactless mobile payment service, to Serbian market in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Card and Visa.

The new service, which is now in pilot stage, will be offered to the bank’s clients who use Visa Inspire payment cards and Android 4.4 by the end of this year.

HCE technology allows customers to make quick, convenient and safe payment by waving their mobile devices in front of the contactless reader.

Additionally, the bank will allow the use of payment stickers so that contactless payment service could be available to all clients.

Meantime, Banca Intesa is planning to launch improved internet and mobile banking services, Intesa Online and Intesa Mobi that feature new functionalities to customers, including simpler payment confirmation via mToken or SMS OTP.

The bank will also provide customers a service that will allow them to create PayPal orders quickly through Intesa Online application and to connect the payment card which will be used for shopping or for money transfer through PayPal.

Intesa Sanpaolo Card CEO Zdenek Houser said: "We are proud that with Banca Intesa and Visa we are launching HCE pilot for Serbia, by this Banca Intesa will pioneer the region to offer this service to its clients."

Banca Intesa executive board member and head of the retail division Darko Popovic said: "We were the first bank in Serbia to start mobile banking service and to implement contactless payment technology, and now we will enable even simpler and safer payments to our clients on the basis of modern HCE architecture, confirming our pioneering role in the market and our strategic commitment to expanding the borders of innovation through investments in the integration of most advanced technological solutions."