Florida-based fintech Biller Genie is adding Apple Pay, paper mail, new invoice templates and payment plan features to its services.

“Unpaid or past-due invoices can easily be the breaking point for businesses. But it’s an issue that can be mitigated by automating the AR process,” says Thomas Aronica, CEO, founder, Biller Genie.

“For this reason, we are constantly evaluating how we can enhance the Biller Genie platform. These additional features further eliminate busy work for business owners. And ultimately that helps them clear outstanding balances and stay current with their accounts.”

Businesses create invoices the way they normally do in their own accounting software (such as QuickBooks, AccountingSuite, and Xero). Biller Genie automates the rest. It sends, reminds, collects and reconciles invoices. The new enhancements not only help subscribers shorten the invoice-to-cash cycle, but also simplify the process for their customers.

Apple Pay Integration

Subscribers can now accept payments through Apple Pay. The Apple Pay integration brings a true pay-by-one-click experience, making it easier than ever for subscribers to collect payments.

New Invoice Templates: Biller Genie offers invoice templates that are customisable with subscribers’ logos and colour schemes. Users can choose between four different styles of templates: simple, traditional, modern or classic. These new designs allow subscribers to send invoices that mirror their business’ style.

Biller Genie Paper Mail

Subscribers contracting with companies that require printed invoices in order to send payments can now use the paper mail option. Moreover, the platform automatically prints, stuffs, posts and mails branded invoices and reminders, with no effort from the subscriber.

Biller Genie Payment Plan

Large invoices often serve as a deterrent to customers clearing their balances quickly. With the new payment plan feature, customers can break up their invoices into smaller, easier to manage instalments. Furthermore, payments are automatically collected on the approved schedule and reconciled in real time.

In January, Biller Genie said it was working with 15 client banks that white label its cloud-based accounts receivable solution.

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