A collaborative effort between mobile virtual
network operator Yoopi! and mobile money transfer provider
VoiceCash, has resulted in Austria’s first prepaid twin card.

The MasterCard Procash Card set consists of a
primary card and a receiver’s card. Once the primary card is
topped-up with credit, the main card holder can instantly assign
money to the receiver card. The money is immediately available and
can be retrieved from ATMs or used in shops and online wherever
MasterCard cards are accepted.

The Procash Card can be topped-up by normal
bank transfer or at more than 2,500 Procash partner locations in
Austria by purchasing Yooopi! top-up cards.

“The Procash Card is the first MasterCard
prepaid twin card in Austria,” said Pascal Beij, vice president of
sales and marketing at VoiceCash.

“With this service we are simplifying
worldwide money sharing. Payments can not only be authorised
online, but also by a mobile phone. This brings a quite new level
of simplicity and comfort for the users.”

The Procash card enables Yooopi! customers to
assign money to countries such as Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia,
Turkey, Poland and China.