An ATM outside Sainsbury’s supermarket in Nottingham has been installed just 15 inches off the ground, forcing locals to squat or kneel to get cash.

The machine drew interest after a photograph was posted on Facebook by Steve Drury, who said: "I couldn’t believe it. It was just so low to the ground and a man using it was squatting to try to get his money out."

Sainsbury’s said that the machine – the lowest in the UK – was at this unusual height because it was located on a hill.

Unable to clarify why the slope would affect its position, a spokesperson for the supermarket assured that they received no complaint from customers but that they were, however, considering relocating the ATM.

The ATM appears to be too low even for wheelchair users. A spokesman from World of Mobility, a wheelchair and scooter shop located near the supermarket, said: "Our wheelchairs are 30 inches up from the ground to the seat, which means the cashpoint would need to be at least 30 inches up, plus another 10 inches for someone to be able to reach the keypad."

The ATMs will be in high demand if recent reports can be believed. In December 2013, Sainsbury’s Bank expected the number of cash withdrawals to increase by 3m, to reach 164m operations, compared with December 2012.

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