Choosing the right credit card is a tricky task. There’s no shortage of choices out there with many organisations offering numerous options. Now, Apple has launched another credit card that aims to take on players like American Experience.

The two massive brands both offer attractive perks but the reality is that credit needs are different for different people. The right credit card will ultimately depend on a customer’s spending habits and the specific features they are looking for.

Both Apple and American Express have a large and loyal customer base but do people get scooped up in the hype of any new products produced by the pair?

Here we look at what each brand offers.

Apple credit card vs American express: Apple virtual card

The Apple Card, a virtual credit card, is set to be released on iPhones in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. Apple is set to launch this card in summer 2019.

Within minutes, users will be able to sign up. In addition, there will also be clear spending tracking, including the names of stores, and details of when payments are due.

Customers can message Apple to change and update Apple Card details. There are no late, annual, international or over-balance fees with Apple stating that it commits to a low interest rate.

When it comes to rewards, the Apple card offers Daily Cash giving 2% cashback with every purchase and received daily. Furthermore, products purchased directly from Apple will earn 3% cashback.

In terms of security, purchases are verified with either Touch or Face ID. Apple cannot see what you are spending your money on and promise not to sell this information to third parties.

Although Apple is urging users to take up the virtual card, there will be a physical card available to use at places that do not accept the virtual card. No CVV number, card number, or signature will be shown on the card for security purposes. If these details are needed, users can find it in their Wallet app.

This card offers some perks, but it’s really nothing different to what is already out in the market.

Apple credit card vs American express: Amex cards

American Express offers customers a wide range of credit cards that come with a variety of perks.  The Amex credit card offerings range from personal to small business, cash back to travel rewards.

Therefore, picking the right card from American Express can be quite overwhelming. One of the major perks is the travel rewards which users often jump on if they are a frequent flyer.

American Express cards include:

  • American Express Rewards Gold Credit Card – New members will be rewarded with 20,000 Membership Rewards points if they spend £2,000 in the first three months. In the first year there is no fee then after its £140 per year.
  • British Airways American Express Credit Card – a top card for those who frequently fly BA. The card allows users to collect Avios on purchases that they are already making. First time users will get 5,000 bonus Avios when they spend £1,000 in the first three months.
  • Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card – Customers can receive 5% cashback on your purchases up to £100 for the first three months and enjoy selected offers from retail and travel partners.

Overall the American Express range offers far more than the Apple credit card. Both have extremely loyal customer bases but American Express has a wider range of different cards that can meet the needs of larger groups of people.