The Kroger Company, a US-based retailer, has selected MasterCard to be the network for the retailer’s 1-2-3 Rewards co-brand credit card programme.

US Bancorp will continue to issue the credit cards, which will allow shoppers to earn points with each purchase at Kroger grocery stores.

The new credit cards will also enable the cardholders to avail exclusive fuel discounts and personalised shopping coupons, while enjoying access to exclusive MasterCard benefits.

The credit card programme is expected to be rolled by the end of 2017, with new cards to be issued by spring 2018.

Kroger CEO of personal finance Gary Millerchip said: “The Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards credit card is an important part of how we reward our loyal shoppers.

“We are always looking for partnerships that support our business strategy of creating value for customers by lowering costs throughout the business and we are excited for this new partnership with MasterCard.”

MasterCard executive vice president of market development Linda Kirkpatrick said: “Kroger is a leader in innovation and we are pleased to join with them and U.S. Bank to provide their cardholders with a unique program to earn and redeem rewards.

“Consumers want a card programme that meets their specific shopping needs and together with Kroger and US Bank, we provide the flexibility that best fit their lifestyle.”