American Express has introduced a new digital business-to-business (B2B) payments offering for its network partners, dubbed Amex Business Link.

The new solution helps third-party issuers and acquirers provide their business clients with improved local and international payments tools.

Featuring several reporting and reconciliation tools, it also has the capability to link to the customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that are powered by APIs.

American Express network partners can perform digital onboarding of buyers and suppliers as well as gain access to additional commercial customers, among others, through Amex Business Link.

Furthermore, the tool enables buyers and suppliers to safely manage their payments, connect directly with other entities as well as avail various modes of payment, such as card, ACH, wire, check, and others.

Currently, Amex Business Link is being used by over 500 businesses throughout five countries.

American Express president of global network services Mohammed Badi said: “Our Amex network participants have access to not only reliable payment rails with the lowest fraud rates in the industry, but also our issuing and acquiring expertise, as well as unique Amex benefits.

“As B2B payments rapidly digitise, we see an opportunity to add a customised solution for our network participants.

“Amex Business Link modernises how businesses buy and sell from one another with the flexibility to choose in real-time how they want to pay or be paid.”

In August this year, American Express launched a new digital tool to help American small businesses with their B2B payments.