Indonesian interbank network ALTO has opted for ACI Worldwide’s UP Retail Payments solution to strengthen its digital payment experience.

The vendor said that the selection of UP Retail Payments was largely based on ALTO’s requirement to meet new regulatory standards and capitalise on the growth in alternative payments.

The choice of the solution was also said to be based on ALTO’s need to address Indonesia national payment gateway’s future developments.

ALTO CEO Armand Widjaja said: “The ability to tap into the full ACI Universal Payments portfolio was a key factor in selecting ACI, as we embark on our transformation journey with a view towards the emergence of a stronger Indonesian payment system, as well as cross-border payment flows across the ASEAN community and the rest of the Asian countries.

“In addition, non-functional requirements such as platform stability and scalability were key priorities for our IT operations – an area where ACI has a strong track record.”

Initially, ALTO will leverage the solution for card-based transaction switching.

The interbank network plans to expand the usage of the solution later to meet the needs of non-card-based transactions such as alternative payment methods and merchant acquiring.

According to the vendor, UP Retail Payments solution will enable ALTO to collaborate with new players.

The tool is also said to support ALTO’s interoperability with various financial institutions and intermediaries.