Chinese payments platform AliPay has partnered with Zapper, a mobile payment and customer insight firm, to establish its first major retail presence in South Africa.

The agreement will allow Chinese tourists to settle payment at 10,000 affiliated to Zapper across the country.

Alipay said that users can search for restaurants, bars, theatres, book shops, adventure parks and more using in-app Discovery platform, and pay bills in RMB by scanning a Zapper QR code.

Alipay head of EMEA Rita Liu said: “South Africa is a must-experience country for Chinese tourists visiting Africa. We are excited to partner with Zapper, the largest mobile payment provider in South Africa, to offer Chinese tourists a safe and convenient payment solution and seamless travel experience.”

Zapper South Africa general manager Will Heygate said: “This cross-continental alliance is in line with a series of expansions into new verticals that Zapper has undertaken to diversify its services and further strengthen its position as South Africa’s mobile payment and loyalty rewards app of choice. These verticals include hospitality, retail, bill payment, e-commerce, donations, parking, fuel and convenience.”