Shoppers at AliExpress, the online retail marketplace owned by Alibaba, can now make payments for their purchases after delivery using Klarna’s Pay later option at the checkout.

This is due to a tie-up between Alipay, Adyen and Klarna.

The Pay later solution of Swedish payment firm Klarna is enabled by AliExpress’ payments provider Adyen.

AliExpress head of global consumer and market operation Cheer Zhang said: “At AliExpress we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of improving the shopping experience for our large number of consumers, and in Klarna, we have found a like-minded partner.

“Klarna’s Pay later has established itself as one of the most preferred payment alternatives across certain European markets, with high demand from consumers and we are excited to add this popular option to our checkout on multiple markets.”

The pay later service will be initially available in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland.

Plans are on for a broader roll-out later this year.

Klarna chief commercial officer Michael Rouse said: “By providing our smooth, convenient, flexible and popular Pay later option, allowing their shoppers to get their goods before they pay, AliExpress will be able to drive consumer preference, increase average order value and decrease cart abandonment rates.”