Payment solutions developer Alcinéo has selected Trustonic’s solution in a step to secure its mobile point of sale (mPOS) apps.

The collaboration will involve the deployment of Trustonic Application Protection (TAP), enabling banks to receive payments from their business clients securely using Alcinéo’s mPOS solutions.

The integration will utilise Trustonic’s TAP SDK to enable Alcinéo embed MCL (Mastercard) and PayWave (Visa) microkernels into the device’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Isolated from the device’s normal operating system, TEE will secure apps, data and IP from potential threats.

Further, the Alcinéo mPOS solution will utilise Trustonic Trusted User Interface (TUI) to protect the confidentiality of all information displayed and entered on-screen.

Alcinéo CEO Arnaud Corria said: “As demand for and use of smartphones as card acceptance readers continues to grow, simple security is crucial to protect transaction data from malicious attacks.

“Integrating TAP enables us to provide an mPOS solution that processes payments with the same level of security as a contactless-capable POS – all on a smartphone. No annoying hardware tokens; same security.”

Contactless payments through a smartphone app facilitate payment procedure as well as eliminate investment in mPOS hardware.

The service is expected to be beneficial for small businesses as well as larger merchants.

Trustonic chief commercial officer Dan Rawlings said: “Using TAP to build strong security into the app and employing the TEE to store payment credentials on-device, rather than an embedded Secure Element (eSE), enhances security, delivers a frictionless user experience and enables companies like Alcinéo to bring the best payment solutions to market without complex agreements with device manufacturers and mobile carriers.”