Payment firm Agora Pay has introduced a smart payment acceptance solution in Hungary.

This payment solution makes use of Paystrax’s payment infrastructure and wide network of payment connections.

Claimed to be efficient, cost-effective, this solution utilises Paystrax’s direct VIBER and SWIFT connections to MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary.

Paystrax was the first Baltic financial institution to establish this kind of a connection.

Agora Pay’s new smart payment acceptance solution will enable merchants in Hungary to now accept Visa and Mastercard card payments that are independent of banks.

Furthermore, the solution enables quick delivery of payments and offers easy and transparent pricing.

The card payments are accepted with an app that is easy to use and on pocket-sized mini terminals. Due to these features, it is convenient for micro-merchants and SMEs to use the solution.

With Agora Pay’s and Paystrax’s unique onboarding model, it is possible to bring new merchants onboard online in only three days on average, and there is no requirement to pay any monthly or sign-up fees.

The new payment acceptance solution is completely PCI-DSS compliant.

Additionally, with Paystrax’s Principal Membership License with Mastercard and Visa, the solution accepts all card types and European currencies, including the Hungarian Forint, which serves as the clearing and settlement currency.