Acorns, a micro-investing app in the US, has launched a gift card to enable people grow wealth together by investing in each other with a gift.

The gift cards can now be purchased for $25 in the Acorns app and also at its website. They will also be sold on eBay, PayPal and at Toys-R-Us retailers across the US.

Acorns said that it current clients can redeem their gift to receive an automatic investment in their accounts.

Even those who are not Acorns customers can buy the gift card. However, recipients will need to have or create an account with Acorns to redeem their gift card.

Though launched for the holiday season, the digital gift card will be a permanent feature in the app, the company said.

Acorns CEO Noah Kerner said: “Our mission is to look after the financial best interests of the up-and-coming. This gift card will help people look after one another, with a gift that keeps growing. It’s time to start encouraging community around financial wellness. Investing has historically been pretty solitary. Now, we can help each other grow wealth.”