Dutch banking group ABN Amro has upgraded its Tikkie mobile payments app with new features.

Among the new enhancements include the ability to pay directly to mobile numbers.

To make the payment, users are not required to wait for a payment request or a bank account number. The recipient will get a message for payment confirmation.

The bank has also added the Tikkie ‘SuperSnelBetalen’ feature, which will phase out the requirement for users to fill in their address details while making online purchases.

Users can fill in their details once in Tikkie SuperSnelBetalen. While making purchases later from webshops supporting this feature, users will not be required to fill in address forms again and can directly make payments via Tikkie.

Tikkie director Freek de Steenwinkel said: “These new features reaffirm Tikkie’s front runner status in mobile payments. With over 4 million users and 2,000 business clients in the Netherlands, Tikkie is better positioned than other payment apps to pioneer new ways of simplifying payment processes between consumers and businesses.

“Tikkie users starting up the app will soon discover a different layout from what they’re used to. Cleaner, with three easily recognisable buttons at the bottom of the screen: scan QR-code, Pay and Payment Request.”