1LINK (Guarantee), a Pakistan-based payment processing company, has chosen Gemalto’s PURE white label payment technology to facilitate ‘Chip and PIN’ for PayPak, its domestic payment scheme.

PURE is an off-the-shelf payment application from Gemalto designed for domestic schemes and private payment card associations looking for chip-based security and fast time to market.

Using PURE, domestic schemes can define their own payment solution including product lifecycle and roadmap, and certification rules.

Now, member banks of 1LINK will be able to roll out EMV-compliant contact and contactless cards, mobile payments, host card emulator (HCE) besides other digital services.

1LINK said that the adoption of new technology will provide millions of cardholders an additional layer of security and convenience of ‘Chip and PIN’ transactions.

Upon completion of the deployment, 1LINK will provide digital security in line with EMVCO standards while improving the EMV ecosystem implementation for banking companies and other key stakeholders including government institutions and mobile network operators in Pakistan.

1LINK noted that the deployment of new EMV technology will also create a clear road map for future digital payment innovation and facilitate seamless and secure transactions.

1LINK is owned by a consortium of 11 banks and operate the largest representative interbank network in Pakistan.