Electronic Payments International lists ten of the most popular tweets on payment tech in Q4 2019, based on data from GlobalData’s Influencer Platform.

The top tweets were chosen from influencers as tracked by GlobalData’s Influencer Platform, which is based on a scientific process that works on pre-defined parameters. Influencers are selected after a deep analysis of the influencer’s relevance, network strength, engagement, and leading discussions on new and emerging trends.

Top tweets on payment tech in Q4 2019

1. Erik Voorhees’ tweet on central banks to start issuing digital currency

Erik Voorhees, the CEO of ShapeShift, shared an article on the US dollar becoming a digital currency. The article further emphasised that it is inevitable that all central banks, including the US Federal Reserve, to start issuing digital currencies.

Username: Erik Voorhees

Twitter handle: @ErikVoorhees

Retweets: 483

Likes: 1,618

2. Barry Silbert’s tweet on the best investment of the decade

Barry Silbert, founder of the Digital Currency Group, shared an article on the bitcoin being the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency in the past decade. The article further added that a growing number of retailers are accepting bitcoin payments, while investment firms are launching future trading for the currency. Facebook’s Libra has further validated the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the minds of investors.

Username: Barry Silbert

Twitter handle: @barrysilbert

Retweets: 444

Likes: 1,598

3. Vitalik Buterin’s tweet on the ethereum 2.0

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of ethereum and the bitcoin magazine, tweeted on Etherscan launching a new block explorer for a testnet version of the upgraded Ethereum.

Username: Vitalik Buterin

Twitter handle: @VitalikButerin

Retweets: 424

Likes: 1,926

4. Balaji Srinivasan’s tweet on bitcoin becoming the first choice

Balaji Srinivasan, an angel investor, tweeted on bitcoin becoming the first choice for payments for people. In other words, it will become a movement, a benchmark for technology’s values.

Username: Balaji S Srinivasan

Twitter handle: @balajis

Retweets: 286

Likes: 1,280

5. Alistair Milne’s tweet on the performance of major crypto currencies

Alistair Milne, an entrepreneur and investor, tweeted on the year-to-date performance of the major cryptocurrencies. The influencer further added that Tezos will be the best performing crypto asset, followed by bitcoin and Litecoin.

Username: Alistair Milne

Twitter handle: @alistairmilne

Retweets: 223

Likes: 1,117

6. Brian Armstrong’s tweet on China looking to create a stable coin

Brian Armstrong, the co-founder of Coinbase, tweeted on China looking to create a stable crypto coin. The influencer further added that the US response to creating Facebook’s Libra seemed like it didn’t want to be left behind in the race.


Username: Brian Armstrong

Twitter handle: @brian_armstrong

Retweets: 215

Likes: 1,240

7. Bruce Fenton’s tweet on Morningstar looking to rate crypto assets

Bruce Fenton, the CEO of Chainstone labs, tweeted that the global financial services firm, Morningstar, was looking to rate crypto assets. The influencer further added that Morningstar is a successful research and analytical tool as it is used by many financial advisors and institutional investors.

Username: Bruce Fenton

Twitter handle: @brucefenton

Retweets: 192

Likes: 792

8. Tyler Winklevoss’ tweet on Gemini acting as custodian for digital assets

Tyler Winklevoss, the CEO of Gemini, shared an article on Gemini being selected by State Street for its new digital asset pilot. The article further stated that Gemini will act as a custodian for the digital assets of financial institutions, and will also report holdings information via State Street.

Username: Tyler Winklevoss

Twitter handle: @tylerwinklevoss

Retweets: 175

Likes: 762

9. Andreas Antonopoulos’ tweet on a cashless future being a dystopia

Andreas Antonopoulos, a bitcoin advocate, shared an article on the idea of a cashless society bringing with it the cost of privacy. The article further stated that a cashless society would mean tracking, monitoring, and surveilling people’s personal transactions and lives. China, for instance, has already started reporting all domestic and overseas cash transactions.

Username: Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Twitter handle: @aantonop

Retweets: 168

Likes: 507

10. Roger Ver’s tweet on the most adopted cryptocurrency

Roger Ver, an early investor in bitcoin and bitcoin start-ups, shared a video on the bitcoin cash being the most widely accepted cryptocurrency in physical merchant stores.

Username: Roger Ver

Twitter handle: @rogerkver

Retweets: 146

Likes: 625