CDDS provides anti-money laundering (AML) and ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) software and solutions to a wide variety of businesses across multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

With office locations in Luxembourg, Malta and Geneva, CDDS is also well represented internationally by a strong reseller network and through a solid partnership with LexisNexis BIS.

CDDS is an independent Luxembourgish company founded in 2009. We are a team of former professionals from the areas of compliance, audit, domiciliation, IT and information security. We currently service more than clients such as trust companies, corporate service providers, wealth and asset managers, private banks, fund administrators, law firms, insurance companies and payment services providers.

As entities subject to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) regulations, companies are facing continuously increasing and strictly enforced compliance (AML/CTF) rules.

To accompany our clients at every stage of their due diligence process, CDDS offers a range of customized solutions adapted to each business needs.

Anti-money laundering solutions for electronic transactions

Considering the needs of the electronic payment industry, we recently launched the AML Risk API.

It provides several methods that allow integrating various controls through APIs in your own software application.

The main method, CheckName, allows you to check if a person or a company is listed on official sanctions and black lists, the politically exposed person (PEP) list or other lists provided by CDDS. Other tools enable you to automatically calculate a risk on a client.

AML risk assessment solutions

AMLspotter is a solution that integrates third-party screening, risk assessment, ongoing monitoring into an all-in-one tool. With AMLspotter, you can run a real-time daily assessment of risk so you can be 100% compliant with your AML/CFT requirements.

It includes the following functionality and characteristics:

• Unlimited manual ‘NameCheck’ on your clients against the below-mentioned sanctions, Interpol and PEP lists, as well as internet research capabilities
• Automatic and daily ‘BatchNameCheck’ on all your clients against the below-mentioned lists
• AML risk classification of your clients on a risk-based approach (subject to geographical exposure, behaviour, activity, client relationship set-up, missing documents etc.)
• Complete name checks and KYC reports
• Compliance approval process
• Compliance workflow with follow-up reporting
• Global and individual reporting

Automated screening tools

The BatchNameCheck solution is installed directly on your server and operates in accordance with your own security requirements and specifications.

It’s an automated name-check solution that includes:

• Unlimited manual: ‘NameCheck’ clients against the official sanctions, Interpol and PEP lists, as well as internet research capabilities (press releases, pictures). It also provides individual NameCheck reports
• Automatic and daily ‘BatchNameCheck’ on all your clients against the below-mentioned lists
• Daily reporting on actions taken on the ‘HITS’ found by the system

The official sanctions and PEP lists are constantly updated. The lists are then screened against client names (both existing and new entries) that have previously been imported.

Online-name check

CDDS’ AMLspotter Online is an online name-checking solution can be purchased on a pay-per-click basis, and the prices for each NameCheck report vary according to the number checks you wish to purchase.

This solution can also be purchased by annual subscription.

Our added values

• Strong compliance background
• Qualitative data
• Competitive pricing
• Solutions tailored for your business
• Easy integration with existing core systems
• A client-oriented team