AliasLab UK offers a wide range of electronic authentication solutions for the financial industry, which includes eSignature platforms, and distributed ledger technology (DLT) and biometric-enabled systems.


IDSign is AliasLab’s proprietary eSignature solution suite, which has enabled financial institutions and insurance companies to add the necessary legal compliance for their customer-facing and internal e-document processes.

Common applications for the IDSign platform include bank account opening, insurance policy subscription, instant insurance, and contract signing.

In 2015, the IDSign platform obtained the eIDAS Conformity Certificate as a Secure Signature Creation Device (SSCD / QSCD). As a result, it is therefore listed as one the QSCD devices in the official ‘Compilation of Member States notification on SSCDs and QSCDs’.

In October 2016, AliasLab presented SignChain, the latest evolution of its IDSign platform that leverages Blockchain technology for eID and eSignatures.


Since 2015, AliasLab has been actively involved in the study and implementation of blockchain or DLT, while working alongside existing customers.

In addition to SignChain, the company is working on blockchain-based General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and notarisation solutions.

AliasLab has relevant experience working and understanding the main blockchain / DLT implementations such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and bigChainDB, and is continually updated with the latest industry solutions.

The company is currently actively involved in the development process for ISO standards for blockchain and DLT by having members in the newly created ISO TC 307 technical committee.


SecureCall is AliasLab’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) ready multi-factor strong authentication suite, which allows customers to ensure the highest security level to their transactions, by leveraging their mobile phone as an authentication token.

The company also has significant experience in the field of biometric authentication systems, having successfully implemented and deployed various projects in the sector.

AliasLab UK is one of the main partners for Hitachi’s Digital Security division, due to the integration of Hitachi’s Finger Vein solution (VeinID) into AliasLab’s existing strong authentication and eSigning suites.

The company has also integrated other types of biometric solutions such as voice detection, eye-print, face recognition, and handwritten signatures or graphometric verification.

All of the company’s authentication solutions add high-end security to financial transaction and payments.


AliasLab UK was created to become the major R&D hub for the AliasLab Group, as well as the strategic platform to expand into the UK and EU markets.

Founded in Italy in 1984, AliasLab has become a leading company in the creation and development of strong authentication, eSigning and mobile payment solutions for both domestic and foreign financial and insurance markets.

The company is committed to providing customers with cutting-edge, reliable software solutions. It combines enterprise-grade software features with the flexibility typical of bespoke projects, in order to meet even the most demanding requirements.

In 2016, AliasLab became part of the Team System Group, a leading management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and training services company.