Saxo Payments is the payments sector game-changer, which is adding value to the customer proposition for FinTechs, including PSPs, acquirers, and FX payments providers.

A marketplace that provides a more cost-effective and efficient solution for cross-border transactions, the Saxo Payments Banking Circle delivers low transaction fees; highly competitive FX rates and transfers within seconds or minutes.



Having the ability to trade in the global marketplace is often slow and expensive, with specific bank accounts usually needing to be set-up in each country where a business wants to operate.  Plus regulation and compliance often need to be factored in.

Despite cross-border payments amounting to 40% of transaction-based revenue of the payment industry, simplifying the correspondent banking model has barely been attempted until recently because of the sheer number of parties involved, not to mention complexities varying from country to country. Spiralling regulations and increasing pressures relating to profits and capital have put off financial service providers in making investments to improve this process.

The cash-flow of a business can suffer directly as a result of delays in pending payments, with standard procedures for cross-border transactions sometimes negatively affecting operations liquidity due to delays and high fees.



Saxo Payments Banking Circle reduces the amount of time required for international payments. It also cuts costs through using a banking platform that enables cross-border transactions to be effectively performed domestically through using separate international bank account numbers (IBAN) in a wide choice of currencies.

Utilising the Oracle FLEXCUBE on Oracle Managed Cloud Services, the Banking Circle is a highly versatile, optimised and secure solution that supports the FinTech sector and its clients.

The standards-based digital banking platform enables rigorous security protocols to be met, while also offering sufficient flexibility to adapt to changing regulations.



Saxo Payments Banking Circle Virtual IBAN gives FX payments businesses the ability to issue individual IBANs to their merchants, in any currency required, and in their merchants’ name.

With Banking Circle Virtual IBAN, full transparency of transactions means payments acceptance and screening time are improved as are reconciliation and settlement times. For businesses trading internationally, this means fast account set up for multiple currencies; online account status visibility; same day settlement for SEPA payments and low cost per transaction.



Banking Circle Real-time FX is an optimal banking solution for businesses dealing in foreign exchange payments, making the process more efficient for their clients. It enables FX payments businesses to trade foreign currency with high cost-effectiveness.

As part of the Saxo Payments Banking Circle, users benefit from the cross border payments platform to manage international transactions on behalf of clients.