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Kris Cooper

‘Web 2.5’ and the future of decentralised finance

As Web3 becomes a reality, there are several obstacles in the way for the adoption of a broader decentralised ecosystem.

Explainer: what is Bitcoin ‘halving’ and what is its significance?

The imminent halving of Bitcoin is expected to occur in mid-April and will see the reward for mining coins drop from 6.26 to 3.125.

Social media continues to disrupt the banking industry via four key avenues

GlobalData’s Social Media in Banking report identifies four main ways the disruption of banking by social media will intensify.

Q&A: what is asset tokenisation, and why is it on the rise?

The tokenisation of real-world assets using blockchain can unlock a host of new opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Explainer: what does the SEC approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs mean for crypto?

GlobalData analyst Alfie King unpacks the significance for crypto of the SEC’s spot Bitcoin ETF approval in the US.

Social inclusion and GenAI will benefit banking industry incumbents in 2024

GlobalData’s Banking Predictions for 2024 reveals key themes set to define the banking industry in 2024

IoT reaching maturity as a theme in financial services

While many use cases of IoT in banking and payment have been explored, there are still possibilities in wealth management and ESG.

Economic indicators suggest US recession is imminent

A Deutsche Bank reports suggests multiple triggers are taking place in the US that typically occur before a recession.