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Telefónica launches direct to bill payments

Telefnica Digital has announced deals with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Research in Motion (RIM) to enable phone users to pay for digital content through their carrier bills The company hopes to leverage the billing relationship it has with its mobile customers and increase the monetisation of digital goods and services Telefonica said it will target Latin American markets where credit card penetration is low and 60% of the population do not have bank accounts

United Nations: Africa’s m-money needs harmonised laws

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) says East African Community countries (EAC) need to undertake a joint effort to harmonise the legal framework of the different mobile money system in the region In its report Mobile Money for Business Development in the East Africa Community, a comparative study of existing mobile money platforms and regulations in EAC, the UNCTAD says that Africa has taken the lead in m-money services. The EAC is a world leader in offering mobile money services and hosts more than one quarter of all known such systems in Africa with about 60 mobile money services already in place, a quarter (16) of which are in the EAC

MasterCard, Deutsche Telekom partners on m-payments

MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom have joined forces to launch mobile payments for Deutsche Telekoms 93 million customers across Europe

Rabobank, Logica partners in SEPA payments

Logica and Netherlands-based Rabobank have sealed a deal aimed at helping the Banks corporate customers to comply with the requirement of the SEPA rules. Logica will provide Rabobank with a Software as a Service platform (SaaS) that enables corporate customers to convert payment instructions and bank account numbers to the SEPA standards

e-commerce: Avangate plans to grow in Asia-Pacific

Avangate, an e-commerce provider, has signed a partnership with Tuji Group, a Chinese technology and marketing company, to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific region represents a major portion of the global software market, with China and Japan representing over USD293bn of the worlds IT spend.

Earthport inks 2nd cross-border payments deal, this time with Decillion Group

Earthport has snapped up another cross-border payments deal, this time with Decillion Group, a system integrator and software solution provider. Now Earthport is expanding its services into Asia-Pacific through Decillion, which will introduce Earthports payment service for low-value cross-border payments to its banking customer base in the region

Cross-border remittances: less is more

But many, including the G8 and the World Bank, believe that reduced costs can help to grow profits in the sector and also set fairer conditions for migrant workers who remit money back home

International remittances: less is more

Growing in volumes and values every year, remittances seem crisis-proof. But many, including the G8 and the World Bank, believe that reduced costs can help to grow profits in the sector and also set fairer conditions for migrant workers who remit money back home.

AmEx launches corporate AP payment service

American Expresss (AmEx) Global Corporate Payments group is introducing a new digital payments service for large and mid0sized corporates that want to centralise their payments. The solution is called Payve and centralises payment methods, such as cheques and ACH payments, as well as international wire and AmExs online payment solution Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) for accounts payable.

Malaysia: ManagePay unveils POS devise for mobile commerce

Payment solutions provider ManagePay Systems, Visa, and Malayan Banking have launched MPay ECPOS, a device that allows credit and debit card payments on mobile phones MPay ECPOS supports Apple’s operating system and later this year, it will support the Android and Windows operating platforms