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Amethystum Storage Technology Co Ltd (Amethystum Storage) is a technology company. The company provides optical storage technology that offers optical storage mediums, optical storage devices and other related products. Its product portfolio includes ZL series optical storage systems, MHL series optical storage systems, MBD optical data exchange devices between networks and Ame cloud storage products. Amethystum Storage’s optical storage solutions find applications in remote sensing, the power industry, meteorological industry, archives industry, the government sector, supercomputing centers, internet, data centers, video big data and the medical industry. The company also provides solutions based on the core technology of the Blu-ray data storage system. Amethystum Storage is headquartered in Meizhou, Guangdong, China.

Company info

Country (HQ): China
Sector: Technology and Communications
Market Cap (US$ m): 68
Revenue (US$ m): 71 (2021)

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