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Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp (Adamis), formerly Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc, is a bio pharmaceutical company. The company's pipeline products includes SYMJEPI (epinephrine), ZIMHI(naloxone) and APC-400 (tempol). Its SYMJEPI Injection is used for the emergency treatment of allergic reactions such as caused by the stinging and biting insects, allergen immunotherapy, foods, drugs, diagnostic testing substances and other allergens, idiopathic and exercise-induced anaphylaxis. Adamis develops products in the form of injections, gels and capsules for the treatment of allergy, opioid overdose, respiratory and inflammatory disease. The company supplies its products to doctors, ambulatory surgery centers, healthcare systems, hospitals, veterinarians across the US. Adamis is headquartered in San Diego, California, the US.

Company info

Country (HQ): United States
Sector: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Market Cap (US$ m): 11
Revenue (US$ m): 5 (2022)

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