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Mobile POS – the payments gold rush

Following in the footsteps of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, entrepreneurs with impressive track records have decided to take the plunge into the market for mobile phone-based POS readers. What is about this new business line that makes it so appealing to start-ups?If the potential for a new business line is measured by the pedigree of entrepreneurs lining up to take part in it, the mobile phone-based POS market has a bright future.The line-up looks impressive, even excluding Dorsey, whose mobile point of sale (m-POS) company Square Inc. was the first in this space. Consider first iZettle, a Sweden-based m-POS business which believes it can take advantage of Squares teething problems in the US to corner the market in Europe.

SEPA is the priority for Dutch

The Netherland’s central bank put SEPA high on its priority list for 2011, in an attempt to increase awareness among businesses, particularly SMEs However, many Dutch businesses and banks see the new credit transfers and direct debits as inferior versions of products they already have, writes William Cain. The Netherlands is one of the EUs most advanced payments markets, with high levels of electronic payments usage among corporates.