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UAE embraces the digital era

The UAE is arguably one of the most advanced payment markets in the Middle East and is home to many expatriate workers using all forms of electronic payments

Merchant acquiring faces new challenges

The changing face of merchant acquiring not only creates new opportunities, but also challenges. In an increasingly competitive market, merchants must explore new service channels while also keeping an eye on regulatory developments. Victoria Conroy reports.

Non-cash payments maintain growth

The 2010 edition of the World Payments Report from Capgemini, RBS and EFMA shows that electronic payment methods are increasingly displacing cash worldwide, with payment cards the clear winners. As Victoria Conroy reports, payment volumes overall appeared resilient despite the recent economic crisis.

Spotlight on corporate receivables

Receivables and payables operations are the source of many challenges for corporates and financial institutions around the world. As Victoria Conroy reports, the nature of these challenges is very much dependent on the size and type of the organisations involved.

PayPal flexes its muscles

The rise of alternative payment providers is giving banks cause to be concerned. PayPal is one such player that is determined to innovate to capture an even greater share of payments. This extract from the World Payments Report 2010 outlines how PayPal is set to keep on growing.

Sweden switches from cash

A surge in the use of debit cards and the widespread adoption of online banking has enabled Sweden to make impressive progress in eliminating paper-based payments in recent years. But as Victoria Conroy reports, reducing the use of cash for out-of-pocket spending remains the big challenge.

Contactless set to enter the mainstream

Could 2010 be the year that contactless payment reaches the tipping point and becomes a mainstream payment tool? The payment networks seem to think so, and recent roll-outs indicate that banks are also very much on board. Victoria Conroy looks at the latest developments.

Barclaycard launches online gateway

The growing importance of e-commerce has led to a wave of bank-developed solutions being launched to tap into this lucrative segment of spending. The latest initiative from Barclaycard, SmartPay, is aiming to become a one-stop shop for European online retailers, as Victoria Conroy reports.

MasterCard: the Apple of payments?

MasterCards recent media and analyst symposium was the setting for several announcements of new initiatives, which the payment network hopes will propel it into the future. One key initiative will see MasterCard encourage developers to create applications, as tech giant Apple has. Victoria Conroy reports.

The challenge of securing payment data

With several high-profile data breaches in the news over the past year, the issue of data security is once again prominent in the minds of payment players Victoria Conroy looks at the challenges of securing data and the benefits of managed services with two industry experts.