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Canadian government regulates mobile payments

Now that Canada’s banks and mobile operators have staked out their positions in the mobile payments market, the Canadian government has introduced rules to ensure a level playing field. Potentially disruptive new entrants to the market, such as Apple Pay, will have to play ball. Robin Arnfield reports

Brazil lagging behind Colombia, Peru in m-payments

Brazil is one of the first countries in the world to introduce mobile payment regulations, and its government encourages m-payment providers to ensure the interoperability of their services. Yet the Brazilian m-payments market is proving slow to get off the ground and is being outpaced by Colombia and Peru. Robin Arnfield writes

Visa and MasterCard in hunt for growth

Looking to extract greater value from their Latin American infrastructures, Visa and MasterCard are considering a number of options, including mobile payments and remittances Even during this period of global economic turmoil, Latin America is proving to be a growth powerhouse for MasterCard and Visa, as the two card scheme giants second-quarter 2009 results attest.